Friday, 1 August 2008

Odd day and other stuff

So, I just found out the girl I was dancing with at Mr and Mrs Ward's wedding was about 13...


No wait...why the heck didn't someone say something!? Seriously, right there is the reason why I don't want daughters. Better still, I just realised I managed to get a load of black stuff on my hand without realising so I now have a nice black smear across my face. Sweet!

The list, I've been thinking alot about it recently. There is one more to go and I really feel this is something that I should only be doing while I'm 23, (according to the internet "Dave's Real Age: 23.989"). I've found this all to be quite a weird experience, I don't normally make it a habit to drag up old news, past uncomfortable conversations and very much 'cu next thursday'ish things I've done. I still shy away from these sort of situations however I sometimes catch myself in a moment saying "mate, look at the example you've set yourself so far, keep at it, face this situation".

Meeting #3 didn't go how I expected it to. We arranged to meet so I could 'say my piece' face to face however, things didn't really go to plan and I ended up saying it over the phone. I decided that while I valued face to face conversation, what I needed to say and the appology was way more important and so couldn't wait. We arranged to meet in a pub a few hours later and (after I arrived an hour late) it was like nothing had changed thank God! There was a whole ton of catching up and laughter, at one point the entire pub went silent because of us...well it was mostly number 3...I kinda wish I could speak about this person by name so you would know how much this means to me, but I feel it wrong to name drop so I won't. Later that night I managed to lock my keys in my bike so my friend's brother drove us back to Norwich from Wymondham to find my spare key, then took me back again to get my bike, then I drove home again. Don't think I got home til about 2am which sucked as I had work at 9 the next day. Ouch.

I think I've said before but this person just seems to find it so easy to give love to people. I find being with them incredibly challenging as I think this person exhibits and shows grace to other more than anyone I know of in church. So yeah, I'm really happy. A friendship have been restored by the grace of God. And the weird thing is, this person said "it's strange, you always seem to pop back in my life just when I need you the most". Please pray for them and their family.

So on to being
23.989 years of age. I'm repeating myself, but this needs to be complete by the time I'm 24. (Funny thing, when I was 22 I said I didn't feel like Jon Foreman, I'm begining to feel like I am now. I'll explain that another day.) I view this as a journey God has been taking me on regardless of how I'm acting. I mean, apart from the other night, I haven't really read my bible in a while, apart from short mumbles, I haven't really prayed, but I'm really getting into this worship thing and seem to have this sense of God nudging and poking me in the right direction, again, regardless of my actions. I almost view it as a parent who has stopped, that's not it, chooses to communicate by leaving post it notes on the stairs for their child to read while staggering up the stairs at 4am.

So yeah, #4, as always, now doesn't feel like right time, IT NEVER DOES, but then again, the right time will never come. I gotta go for it.


Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

i guess #4 will never `feel` right because your relationship is only as good (or bad) as the way you left it. maybe the point is it's not about how you feel but about how you can be the bigger guy than yourself and step up... put yourself in the position that doens't feel comfortable and see what comes out when the dust settles. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain: respect, a friend, forgivness, masculinity, experience, closure... and most of those you'll still get even if #4 isn't ready for it.

By the way, I have had my keys trapped too. ended up staying the night in some loosers house on the sofabed. Good times.

Phil said...

Well said Ben.

"Hear God and plod on", to drag that old phrase up.