Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I didn't lie

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: hi strangerrrrrrr
Stranger: :)
Stranger: a/s/l?
You: 24/m/uk
You: u?
Stranger: 17/f/Canada
Stranger: i live in the country of the cold and boring
Stranger: X(
You: which part?
Stranger: Ontario
Stranger: not gonna be too specific. there are a lot of creepers on this site!
Stranger: ask a question. any question. im THAT bored.
You: No worries
You: I know what you mean
Stranger: so ask one!
You: Tell me something unique about you?
Stranger: ummm
Stranger: haha that's a surprisingly hard one
You: yeah
Stranger: you first then. answer ur own question
You: someone asked me the same one the other day
Stranger: waddid u say?
You: um, I shared a holiday story
Stranger: okayyyyyy
Stranger: how is that something unique about you?
You: but then she said she couldn't beat it so
You: you go first
Stranger: no u have to tell me the holiday story!
You: ha
You: now I've hyped it up too much
Stranger: yep, u have
Stranger: now i need to know !
You: My family and I went on holiday to indonesia to visit my brother who was working out there
You: when we arrived we found out his girlfriend was married
You: (news to him too
You: )
You: because of this we were followed
You: he house was broken into
Stranger: waaaa?
You: and he had death threats
You: we then went on the run
You: (I kid you not)
You: while trying to hide out in the country side
You: we went to a monkey sanctuary
Stranger: go on
You: where my brother got bitten by a monkey
Stranger: okay you are making this up.
You: no seriously
Stranger: ???????
You: it was soo funny
Stranger: well that sounds scary!
You: it was like the first holiday we EVER went on as a family
Stranger: and now my "unique" thing seems shitty
You: back in 2003
You: see
You: I told you
You: I'm sorry
Stranger: haha sokay
Stranger: it's not ur fault ur family story is INSANE
You: I didn't actually tell you the bit I was going to
You: I just remembered the other stuff
Stranger: i was just gonna say that i've died my hair 7 different colors :(
Stranger: that sounds so dull now.
You: My brother and I rode on top of a train
Stranger: plus it's just brown now. so it's a boring color currently.
Stranger: and why?
You: that was freakin awesome
Stranger: why would u ride on top of a train???
You: because we could
Stranger: now im sure u made this up. no offence
You: ok
You: let me see if I can find some pictures
You: online
You: No offence taken by the way
You: it's the most stupid thing I have ever had to say, I wouldn't believe me if I was you
You: but I kid you nit
You: *not
You: it actually happened
You: I'm Dave by the way
Stranger: im liz
Stranger: hi dave lmao
Stranger: seriously, sorry, but that is a bit of a difficult thing to believe without proof
You: yeah, i see that
You: oh wait
You: I have more
You: (by the way, my mum refuses to ever go on a family holiday ever again)
You: the was a earth quake while we were in bali
You: like a small one
Stranger: okay. now im done believing.
You: but still
Stranger: completely.
You: dang
You: it's the funniest thing
Stranger: im sorry but it's just too weird!
You: i KNOW!
You: ok ok
You: still loooking for pics
Stranger: sorry!
You: :D
Stranger: now there's NOTHING i can say about me without sounding boring.
Stranger: thanks alot.
Stranger: >:(
You: we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time
You: (more than once)
You: lol
You: you know what, I really want to get some evidence for you now
Stranger: meh.
Stranger: sorry. im not gonna wait around forever
Stranger: for u to find evidence
Stranger: of an insane story!
You: hmm
You: ok
You: did you have a good day?
Stranger: sorry. for the billionth time!
Stranger: and no i didn't
Stranger: i got the flu
You: (i'll keep looking in the mean time)
Stranger: AND i had so much overdue work to do
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Ben F. Foster Esq. (c) said...

your blog can be such a waste of internet sometimes :p

Dave said...

ya mum