Wednesday, 15 April 2009

No idea

I was round a friend's house last night. I arrive half way though reading a bedtime story, apart from feeling rather honored to be able to sit in, something happened that really got me thinking.

The book had been put away and mother and child were praying before lights out. I won't try to repeat the full conversation, but I heard: "...and thankyou Father christmas for...".

The child was told that Father Christmas was different and we didn't pray for father christmas.
But it struck me, granny or grandpa gives us things, so we say thankyou. Mummy or Daddy gives us things, so we say thankyou. Father Christmas gives us things, but we don't say thankyou. God gives us things that we (aged 4) can't really grasp, but we say thankyou for that...even though we're not entirely sure what it is we're thankful for.

How do you do that parents? How do you explain to a child (your child) what God has done when in fact, the concept of Grace or God providing isn't really something they will wrestle with for maybe another 10 years?

Father Christmas gives actual physical gifts, God, it seems, does not.

Answers on a post card.

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